Patrimonio Peru


Puno puno(3,827 mts A.S.L) on the shore of Titicaca’s lake the highest navigable lake in the world (3,800m).

Is the conection city between cusco and La Paz – Bolivia.

Originally habited by the Aymara indians, the region has several archaeological sites including the Chulpa of Sillustani tombs built for religious leaders almost 2,000 years ago.

Visitors can enjoy the tour of uros floating islands the uros, a lake tribe which lives today much as their forebeares did thousands of years ago. Taquile, a remote island known for its superb and finest handweaveign techniques.

The train ride from Cusco to Puno, which passes through rugged mountain terrain brought to life by numerous tiny native villages and grazing “llamas”, is a wonderful way to discover the true spirit of the “andes”. Travellers going on to Bolivia can enjoy a relaxing cruise across lake titicaca or continue by land.

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