Patrimonio Peru


Cusco is the archaelolgical capital of south america. The city abounds with fine examples of Inca history and architecture. Like the Sacsayhuaman fortress. Kenko amphitheater and Tambomachay (pufification baths).

The Korikancha temple and the narrow cobbled streets of the inner city show the sofistication in an urban design and constructino.

Taken by the sapnish conquers in 1533, cusco is also rich in colonial heritage.

Cusco’s cathedral, the church of “La compania” and “La Merced” convent should not be missed.

The sacred valley of the inca:

Is irrigated by the Urubamba river, is dotted with colorful andean villages including Pisac, with its stately ruins and sunday indian market and Ollantaytambo with its spectacular Inca fortress.

For the adventure traveller, the valley provides access to the Inca trail, connecting cusco to Macchu Picchu.

Macchu Picchu:

machupichuAn enormous city hidden on a spectacular greenmountain plateau surroundend by three towering peeks. The tour of Machu Picchu begins in Cusco with an early wake up and mornign train ride though the sacred valley, until getting to “Aguas Calientes” statino, from this point, indicated buses take us to the entrance of Machu Picchu, proceed walking guided tour around the Macchu Picchu ruins, those with more flexible schedules can have the ruins for themselves by staying overnight.

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